Security & Monitoring

We are a leading provider of security systems and services in today’s world. Ensuring your peace of mind, we offer 24/7 monitoring so you can rest easy knowing that your business is secure at all times – day or night!

In this technological age where crime rates are skyrocketing, it pays to keep your business safe from any potential disaster. From simple burglar alarms to full intrusion management systems, our top-tier security systems are installed by experienced professionals and are prepared to protect you 365 days a year. And, because we’re an end-to-end integrated provider, we’ll create a custom solution tailored for your business. For example, we can connect your intrusion system to the web and sync it with your cameras. Then, we’ll provide real-time reporting and monitoring so you can be sure to stay on top of your business, at all times. There’s no need to call anyone else. We’re the one-stop-shop that can do it all! 

CCTV/VMS/Camera System

If you’re like any sensible business owner, you’re concerned about theft, burglary, vandalism, and protecting your business against unwanted intruders. If it’s been a while since you upgraded your camera systems, you’ll be excited to hear of all the advancements in the past five years. Gone are the days of simply having security cameras. Nowadays, businesses can have the ultimate protection with features like motion sensing, infrared and night vision, and facial recognition. Check on your cameras any time of day or night on your smartphone, get alerts when something’s not right, and alert the authorities within seconds. That’s why at Telephonix, Inc. we’ve got you covered with today’s modern camera surveillance systems. We’ll make sure they’re installed to your satisfaction and you know exactly how they work before leaving your place of business. 

Trust Telephonix with your security integrations

Telephonix, Inc. has been in the business of protecting residential homes, small and large businesses for years. Our reputation proceeds us. That’s why we’re the CCTV provider for clients ranging from Propel School Districts to RIDC Business Park and several small and large businesses in between.

Thermal cameras

Imagine a world where you never have to worry about employees spreading the flu or Covid-19. Of course, we can’t guarantee that level of protection; but with touchless temperature screenings and thermal cameras, business owners can be alerted immediately if someone has high body temperatures without ever having physical contact with them. Ideal for hospitals, offices, retailers, restaurants, and schools.

Intrusion systems

With Telephonix’s residential and commercial intrusion systems, owners can monitor their buildings remotely through an app or by phone. If an alarm is triggered, you’ll be notified automatically and have the peace of mind that help is on the way.


Investing in a business security system is an affordable way to give yourself peace of mind and protect what you’ve worked so hard for. Telephonix, Inc. provides professional monitoring services that can automatically alert the proper authorities, ensuring there’s always someone watching your back when you’re not around. Fast response times will minimize damage while keeping all members of your team safe–so they won’t have to worry about anything but their work!

Monitoring Services


A good security monitoring investment pays off literally and mentally. Call us today to schedule a consultation. We’ll make sure there’s always another set of eyes on your business, even when you’re away. 

Our Monitoring solutions:

  • Monitoring alarm and intrusion systems
  • Real-time monitoring and notifications
  • System Tests – for businesses where testing is required on a regular basis

You need protection for your home or business, but you’re not sure what that looks like? We partner with a number of different providers to make sure we have the right solution.


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