Life Safety

We are a proud Siemens Fire and Life Safety partner.  Siemens is the world-class, top of line, fire alarm system in the world.  They offer top-tier equipment and complex and comprehensive training programs to make sure our installed systems are second to none.  We are proud to be a Siemens partner offering you the best name in Fire Alarm so you can trust your business is well-monitored and secure.

By installing a Siemens Fire Alarm System, you can rest assured that you will only be notified in the case of a true emergency with their “No False Alarm Guarantee”.

This means you will mitigate annoying calls, potential false alarm fines, and the use of emergency resources in the event of a non-emergency.

These systems are customizable and we provide custom installation and system flexibility for each customer.

Nurse Call Systems

Telephonix, Inc. is certified in Nurse Call systems and we’ll provide you with the best service: standard wired pull stations, wireless pull stations, and even wireless bracelets to keep your patients safe from accidents caused by being too far away from a communication system! We have highly trained professionals ready to install, configure, and maintain your nurse call systems. We will configure everything to your specific needs and provide training so that all of your employees know how things work properly.

Our solutions:

  • Nurse call 
  • Digital Intercoms
  • Patient Wandering 
  • Pagers and Phones
  • Centralized Code Blue 
  • Infant Abduction

RATH Emergency Communication Systems

Telephonix, Inc. is also a proud installer of RATH Emergency Communication Systems.

Talk to us about installing the “Rath Area of Refuge” and “Areas of Rescue Assistance” solutions to help your building occupants who can’t go up or down stairs on their own get out of the building in emergency events. By simply pressing a button, emergency responders are notified and 911 alerted. Take a breath of relief knowing your occupants can get out and wait safely for assistance to arrive.

RATH Emergency Communication

Is your building equipped for emergency communication?

In emergency situations, it’s critical that firefighters and first responders are able to signal for assistance. If they can’t get reception on their devices due to interference or lack of signal, it can literally mean disaster. That’s why Telephonix, Inc. installs Radio Solutions Inc. (RSI) products to install BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifiers) and DAS (Distributed Antennae Systems) to enhance signal strength and ensure first responders get the sufficient signal they need to save lives.


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