Fire Safety

Whether you’re replacing an antiquated system or complying with building code for new construction, Telephonix, Inc., is a one-stop resource for the most up-to-date fire and life safety systems.

We're proud to be an elite, proprietary provider for Siemens Fire Alarm Systems.

Siemens Fire Alarm partners are chosen after a rigorous and lengthy application and interview process. Only a few select tried-and-true companies succeed with a proprietary fire alarm partnership with Siemens. This means we install, monitor, and service the best systems with the most knowledgeable and highly trained technicians in the region.

New Systems

We can walk you through the construction and installation of a new or replacement fire alarm system in your commercial structure.

Fire Safety New Systems

service & inspection

When it comes to fire safety, there’s no time like the present. The majority of insured fires are caused by simple electrical wiring problems in your home or business that can be easily avoided with annual inspections from a local company you trust – enter Telephonix, Inc. When we inspect and service your system annually, not only will our trained technicians ensure it’s working properly but they’ll also test for any faults before an emergency happens so when seconds count- yours is ready! To learn more about how we provide fast and complete repairs should anything ever happen again give us a call.


24/7 monitoring of your life safety system is essential. This is exactly why we provide monthly monitoring of your fire alarm systems, so you can have peace of mind that no matter what time it may be or when emergencies happen, someone always knows and can help get the situation under control! We offer a custom approach to allow as much or as little access to our 24/7 monitored emergency response services based on how busy you are in day-to-day business.

We are proud to work with industry leaders
Telephonix Parnership Siemens Fire Safety
Siemens Fire Safety
Telephonix Parnership: Honeywell Fire Solutions
Honeywell Fire Solutions (Fire-Lite and Silent Knight)

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