There is no job more important for IT leaders than ensuring that the network infrastructure will support them today and well into the future. The structured cabling system represents a small portion of an organization’s overall investment, but it can represent nearly 80% of your efficiency. It’s also what provides reliable communications, regardless of which applications are coming into play in years ahead.

Whether you’re building a new location or want to upgrade your existing infrastructure, bring smart office technology with you. Telephonix is the only partner you need.

All our technicians are certified and experienced on a range of telecommunications platforms – from key systems to PBX systems to VoIP and unified communications.

Whether you need a single cable drop onto an existing LAN, connect an entire site, or connect multiple locations, we do it all: Cat (x), Fiber Optic, Demarc Extensions – LAN and WAN installation and service experts.

Our technicians can design, install, certify, and maintain the network that meets your unique requirements:

  • Ethernet (all classes)
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Fiber Optics
  • IMAC Work
  • Wireless Applications
  • Voice – Traditional Telephony, VoIP, Security
  • Infrastructure: cabling/wiring, network monitoring, wireless
  • Managed Services: Hosted Solutions, Guaranteed SLAs
  • Financial Solutions: Capital Lease, Managed Services
Isolated spool of cable

Telephonix takes pride in our ability to deliver the most cost-effective technical field service solutions available today. Our solution includes:

Multi-Site Cabling Project Management

  • Pre-site surveys, detailing the work to be completed before sending a technician to the site.
  • Project Manager as a single point of contact between you and our installation crews.
  • Installation of all equipment, cabling, and/or software.
  • Comprehensive daily monitoring of the project.
  • Planning, scheduling, and tracking of personnel who will interface with the customer.
  • Ongoing data collection and oversight of the project process, including quality assurance.
  • On-site training service for new equipment.
  • Logistics (Transportation, Site Delivery, Packaging, and Warehousing).
  • Warranty Service

Testing & Compiance

We test all cables for industry compliance before installation and certify the integrity of the cable according to all current TIA/EIA and BICSI TDMM standards. Even better we manage all aspects of your network and cabling installation and future technical service requirements, including Triage Support.


Schedule time with Telephonix now – our certified professional services team has everything you need so you don’t have to worry about anything tomorrow!

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